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Application for a Personal Computer Username

If you have previously worked for the University and are returning please do NOT use this form and contact the IT Username Administration team on 0113 343 5420
Please use this form if you are a new member of staff at the University or a visitor/contractor and wish to apply for an IT username and password. This form MUST be completed by the applicant themselves. It involves the applicant agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of use. It is NOT permitted for a third party to complete the form on the applicant's behalf. Applications submitted by third parties will be rejected.

Applicant Details
First Name(s) Family Name
Date of birth:
Expected Start Date:
If you are unsure which Department or Faculty you will be working in please contact the IT Username Administration team on 0113 3435420.

If you are an External User applying for an account in order to use Sharepoint, please select the Faculty and Department within which the collaborative project is based. You should also include the name of your institution and a contact email address in the "Further Information" box at the bottom of this form.

If you are an External user applying for an account in order to use the N8 HPC system, please select 'Remote Sites' and your Institution from the Faculty and Department drop down menu. You should also include your institutional email address and details of the project, including the principal investigator/supervisor(s), in the "Further Information" box at the bottom of this form.

If you are an External examiner applying for an account in order to use the VLE/Portal/PDR System etc , please choose the 'Visitor/Contractor' Category and select the Leeds University Faculty and Department which you are associated with. You should also include details of your status (External examiner...) in the 'Further Information' box at the bottom of this form.

Contact telephone number - we may wish to contact you for further information.
If a visitor please state date of leaving if known:
You must answer the following questions by ticking the appropriate box.
Is any computing to be undertaken in connection with any organisation outside the University of Leeds? Yes
Is the computer to be used in any way as part of a consultancy or for profit?? Yes
N.B. If you have ticked either of the above questions please note that there may be additional charges which will be processed separately. If so please provide details in the box below.

Please provide additional information to enable your department and IT to process your application more quickly e.g. "I will be working with Professor X in section Y" or "I need a username on the ADMIN domain" or "I will be working in Devonshire Hall" External users should include an email address.

Further information

I agree that all computing undertaken by me on equipment managed by IT will be carried out within the conditions issued from time to time by Information Systems Services . I agree to abide by University Information Security Policy governing the use of computing systems. (see Information Security Policies )