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When you enter your University student ID number and Date of Birth below, this page will give your username and starting password for your University of Leeds IT account. You need this to access the online steps of your registration, to become a student at the University of Leeds.

IMPORTANT: You must have accepted a firm offer of a place at the University before you can use this page.

New taught postgraduates: accounts live from 3rd August.
New undergraduates: accounts live from 2nd September.
Incoming study abroad: accounts live from 3rd August.
Those with a place through "clearing": there may be a delay of one or two days in creating your account.

New taught postgraduates: We are pleased to announce that new taught postgraduates can now access their university account.

Throughout the rest of the year, accounts are generally made live for students to register approximately one month before their official start date.

If you have a problem getting your username and initial password, please try again in 24 hours. If the problem persists please contact registration@leeds.ac.uk, stating your student ID number.
If you are a research student experiencing problems please contact rp_student@adm.leeds.ac.uk, stating your student ID number.

When starting your registration at minerva.leeds.ac.uk you will automatically be redirected to change your password. If you prefer to change your password before starting registration you can go to: changemypassword.leeds.ac.uk

You do not need your username and password to apply for accommodation. For guidance on applying for accommodation, please see https://accommodation.leeds.ac.uk/info/1/prospective_students

Student I.D:

Your student ID is the 9 character number given in the letter sent to you by the University and for existing students is the one printed on your Student Card.

Date of Birth: